Prayer To Get Married

Marriage is a sacred union of two souls in the Indian culture.  Hinduism acknowledges the sacredness of marriage which binds two people for eternity to blossom and flourish and live their lives happily together. The oneness includes physical and mental unity. However, sometimes people experience delay in their marriage. Often this delay is related to one’s karma or actions in the previous life. But, you have hindu prayer to get married

Prayer For My Marriage Partner

Prayer For My Marriage Partner Today, every girl or boy wants a partner of their choice. There are a lot of love marriages taking place. But sometimes, your parents do not accept your choice. If you are also facing a similar problem and you want to marry someone of your choice, then you should immediately perform prayer for my marriage partner. This prayer will make you marry the person you want. Very

Prayer For My Husbands Health

Prayer For My Husband Protection What more does a wife want, health, protection and prosperity of her husband? Thus, she does everything in her hands for the betterment of her husband. Praying is one such deed which every wife should do for the survival, prosperity and security of her husband. If you love your husband and wish to keep him guarded and secure from all bad things of the world,

prayer for my boyfriend to come back

If a girl loves someone, then she does it with all her heart. But speaking of boys, not all boys are serious in their relationships and this is why a lot of them dump their girlfriends and end the relationship. If your boyfriend has also done the same with you and has left you but you want him to come back to you, then you should perform prayer for my boyfriend

Prayer for Lost Love to Come And Return Back

Do you want your lost love to come back in your life? Well, if you have lost your love recently and you miss him/ her and cannot to live without him or her for even a second, then you should perform prayer for love to come back. When you recite the prayer, it resolves all your love related issues and wipes out the obstacles which stop you and your lover from being

Prayer to Heal Relationship with Husband or Girlfriend

Do you need a miracle in your relationship? Is your relationship suffering because of lack of love, trust, understanding or confidence? Well, if you and your partner aren’t happy with one another and you fear that your relationship may end, then nothing but God can save your relationship. You should perform prayer for healing relationships with firm faith and indeed He will assist you in the most challenging situations which you are

Prayers For My Husband To Come Home

Hindu Vedic Prayers For My Husband  The relationship of a husband and wife works both ways. It is handled by the man and the woman together to move towards an eternal journey. However, sometimes the husbands get very careless and they do not give their marital life so much importance. But if you want your husband to be always dedicated and loving towards and never take you for granted, then

Prayer For Relationship Restoration

Do you feel that your relationship is suffering and is on the verge of breakup? Or has your better half left you and your marriage is on the rocks? Do you value your relationship and want to fix it? Despite your best intentions, sometimes the most perfect marriages and relationships suffer crisis and problems. But, you don’t have to give up on your relationship and recite relationship prayers that work to make

Prayer To Save My Marriage From Divorce

Husband and wife should have a cordial relationship between them for a happy married life. But surely life isn’t a bed of roses and sometimes even the most loving couples may face disturbing situations in their lives. If you find your husband deviated and attracted towards someone else and he is planning to divorce you for that lady but you do not want it, then you should perform prayer to save