Prayer For My Marriage Partner – Prayer for Marriage With Boyfriend

Prayer For My Marriage Partner

Today, every girl or boy wants a partner of their choice. There are a lot of love marriages taking place. But sometimes, your parents do not accept your choice. If you are also facing a similar problem and you want to marry someone of your choice, then you should immediately perform prayer for my marriage partner. This prayer will make you marry the person you want. Very soon you will be married to the boy or girl of your choice and your parents shall happily accept him/ her.

Prayer For My Life Partner

If you think that you are aging and you should have been married by now but you don’t find any suitable marriage proposal for yourself, then perform prayer for my marriage. The prayer will bring the most suitable marriage proposals to you and very soon you will be married. If you like someone and you want to marry that person only, and then recite prayer for my marriage keeping that person in your mind. You will see how the energies work to bring that person close to you. In no time, you will get married to the person of your choice with the acceptance of your friend and family.

Prayer for Marriage With Boyfriend

Sometimes, your parents and completely against your marriage and this majorly happens with girls. If your parents are not ready to accept your boyfriend and they do not like him, then perform prayer for marriage with boyfriend. The prayer will make your parents like your choice. They will not have any problem with your choice and they will happily get you married to him. The prayer for marriage with boyfriend so only is performed with the right intentions. If your boyfriend is hesitating to marry you or if he is not ready to marry you just now or if he wants to breakup with you, then also you can perform prayer for marriage with boyfriend. It will make your boyfriend get the desire to marry his lady love. And very soon he will propose you for marriage.

You can acquire the prayer for my marriage from our professional Guru Ji. He has great abilities and knowledge. Share your problem with him and he will give you the right guidance. With his help, a lot of people are happily married today. So, all you need to do is discuss the matter with him and he will give you the accurate solution for it.

Prayer For My Marriage Partner

Prayer for my marriage partner is given here:

  • Start this prayer on the first day after no moon.
  • Use Rudraksh rosary for it.
  • Chant 11 rosary of this prayer for 21 days continuously.
  • Once you get sadhna worship lord Shiva and distribute some sweets amongst Brahmins.
  • The prayer is given below as

Om Gauri pati Mahadeva Mam Ischit Var Shigra Atishigra Praptyartham Gaurayee Namah

Within 21 days, you will get a marriage proposal from the person you desire. The prayer for my marriage partner helps you get married with the desired person and clears out all the obstacles which occur in your marriage. So, go ahead and begin reciting the prayer today itself.

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